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Low Sugar Stevia Cookies - Perfect for Decorating!

Looking for the perfect low sugar cookie to decorate for a special occasion? Look no further! This recipe is both healthy and yummy, and comes out perfect once you get the flour ratio right. I did have to eyeball extra flour to make it the perfect consistency, so my recommendation is to go with your gut in terms of that. This recipe is adapted from Katrina's Kitchen (found on Pinterest) I've made this recipe twice and both times I've had to add extra flour. I didn't measure though, because I was doing it on the fly. You can tell when the cookies are the right consistency when the whole shape once cut and doesn't fall apart when you try to move it onto the pan. If it's not right, just keep kneading with extra flour until it is good.

Here are some great things about this recipe that Katrina cites on her blog: it is fast, no chilling is required, and the edges come out nice and crisp because the cookies don't expand much. Maybe someday I will have an exact me…

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